Monday, July 14, 2014

School with new library resulted to better grades

Teachers of Salamague Primary School. Photo by Carl C. Taawan.

It's a joyful moment when you found out your mission somehow make positive changes to the community you intended to help.

That's what the S.M.I.L.E. Movement, Inc. felt in general when they received a result of the grades of students from the Salamague Elementary School in Ifugao with their overall rating improved. Last October 2013, the organization brought them books to build their libraries and sent additional teaching and sports materials afterwards.

School Principal Mrs. Aurelio Ballitoc sent the result of their National Achievement Test percentage score (NAT MPS) with an overall rating of 83.43 percent. She said this is a giant leap from last year's overall rating of 44 percent. Mrs. Ballitoc said the book donations contributed much to the improved result.

The improvement was primarily due to the program implemented by the School initiated by Ballitoc, a multi-awarded teacher. She said, with the books the group donated, they were able to implement the program. 

Books are indeed effective tools in teaching especially in places where there is no internet access for research. This is the very reason the group is aiming to reach out to isolated schools in Cordillera, to give better chances to students who have no access to reading and research materials. 

They believe that if the children's love for reading are developed at an early age, they will fare better when they go to higher levels. Giving the teachers sufficient research materials will also make them better teachers.

This is the aim of S.M.I.L.E. Movement, Inc. who started this drive to create libraries in isolated schools in Cordillera. The group is soliciting books from kind hearted institutions and individuals who are willing to let go of their used books or perhaps donate new ones for our kids in the barrios.

The above-mentioned results of improved grades in Salamague Elementary School can be duplicated to all the isolated schools. 

Students of Salamague Primary School.

Welcome to Salamague. 

Future leaders at play. 

Livelihood of parents. 
Photos and story by Carl C. Taawan