Book Drive

Libro mo, Inspirasyon ko

Project Rationale

With poverty increasing, proper education is on the decline. Although we believe that developing our children’s love for reading can help a lot to improve their education, the lack of money to buy educational books for their children is a major issue among parents.

It is necessary then that they have available reading materials other than their text books. We believe developing their own libraries which many of the schools in the barrios don’t have can greatly help in the education of these children.

We also believe that additional reading materials and references for teachers that can make them aware of current events can make them better teachers to their students.

Computers and educational softwares and encyclopedias are also important as research tool for the students and teachers to improve their skills. Outdated computers can still be useful to these schools provided they can still run basic educational softwares.

Educational materials and toys for pre-school children than can greatly help improve their creativity early can make them easier to teach as they grow. 

Used book shelves can also be used in schools where there's no existing libraries.


Everyone can be a donor, any book can be a source of inspiration although we need age appropriate books useful to pre-school to high school students and also publications useful to teachers.
Companies who can donate outdated computers and equipments that can be used as teaching tools such as audio visual equipments.


Legible recipients are public or private Elementary and High Schools in far flung Barangays who have no regular access to good reads.
Barangay Nursery and Kindergarten schools.

Project Organizers

This project was initialized by S.M.I.L.E. Movement with the help of other groups and organizations. Those who are willing to donate are considered partners, not donors and we will include their names should they wish to in our posters and online articles and promotions. Donations can be brought to the two identified drop sites in Baguio and La Trinidad or can be picked up at the donor’s location. Baguio Kikan Bar and Resto, Baden Powell Inn, Gov. Pack Road La Trinidad Kairuz CafĂ©, Km. 6, La Trinidad. 

Communications can be addressed to S.M.I.L.E. Movement at Telephone numbers: Globe 09269722222 / Smart 09199933911.

Past Recipients of the Libro Mo, Inspirasyon ko Book Drive

1.       Natubleng National Highschool – October 2012
2.       Camilo Lucaben Elementary School, Madaymen, Kibungan – October 2012
3.       Mappit Elementary School, Kiangan, Ifugao – January 2013
4.       Haliap National Highschool, Kiangan, Ifugao – January 2013
5.       Ayangan National Highschool, Lagawe, Ifugao – January 2013

Next book drive is scheduled this June 17 and June 21, 2013.
1.       Follow up drive to Mappit, Haliap and Ayangan in Ifugao - June 17, 2013
2.       Sadanga Central Elementary and National Highs School, Sadanga, Mt. Province – June 23, 2013 

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