Saturday, October 20, 2012

Smile Movement Launched in Rural School

A chilling afternoon in an Elementary School in Madaymen, Kibungan became the setting of the local Smile Movement launching by different online and offline leaders in coincide with their “Libro mo, Inspirasyon ko” book drive.

Numbering to 22 leaders from different online and offline groups, they took the “smile oath” in front of the 200 students in Camilo Lucaben Elementary school, the recipient of the book drive. Mrs. Elsie Baniaga, the head teacher in the school, officiated the oath taking.

The different group leaders had been active in outreach activities with the support of good hearted individuals and organizations from the locality and abroad. The smile movement is not an organization but a campaign than can be adopted by everyone. An example is the pay-it-forward smile card that helped spread the popularity of the movement.

The smile card is given when a random act of kindness is done to someone in need. It’s not a thank you card so it’s not the receiver of the good deed who gives the card; instead it’s the one who showed kindness. It’s an encouragement to the receiver of the card to pass on the kindness that he received.

The group left the isolated school more elated in accomplishing more than what they hoped and looking forward for a more outreach activity with better perspective in mind. With the launching of this campaign, they hope to unite more organizations to be able to accomplish more in their next activities and programs.

Mrs. Elsie Baniaga lead the "Libro mo, Inspirasyon ko" team in taking their smile oath.
The "Libro mo, Inspirasyon ko" and the Lucaben Elementary school teachers take a pose after the launching.

Friday, October 19, 2012

“Libro Mo, Inspirasyon ko” Book Drive Benefited Two Schools in Benguet

An multi-organization online book drive campaign has successfully benefited a highs school and an elementary school in Benguet last Tuesday, October 16, 2012, with more than 10 boxes of book donations.

The “Libro mo, Inspirasyon ko” was initiated by several online organizations. Originally, they were hoping to gather enough books to bring to Camilo Lucaben Elementary School in Madaymen where the school is still starting to build their library. With their online campaign, they were able to gather more than enough books to benefit two schools.

The new high school in Natubleng where teachers are also starting to build their library were given their share of books. Both school beneficiaries still have to create bookshelves for the books, the highschool in Natubleng even have to borrow a building for their offices and library.

Donations came from groups and individuals in the locality and from Bulacan, Manila and all the way from Hongkong, Europe and Australia. Among the donations were four complete sets of encyclopedia, 300 textbooks, several boxes of story books and magazines including transportation and food allowance.

Francis Simeon, one of the group leaders said the project is a big success. “With different projects we supported like concerts for causes and blood drives, this one is a good start to address also the educational needs of our growing number of school children,” he said.

Biggest donation came from Kairuz café by the Licdan family who donated the encyclopedia sets and several story books that were divided for the two schools. Other donations came from I Love Cordillera group, FB cooks group and other groups and individuals who requested not to be named.

This is just the start of the project of these groups to help build the libraries of far flung barangays in the Cordilleras. The next drive is scheduled for January and June next year where the group is hoping to gather enough books to benefit more schools in preparation for the next school year.

The drive was accompanied by 22 leaders from different groups namely I Love Cordillera, Decat, Luzon14, Smile Movement, Interactive Cordillera, Association of Small Groups on Facebook which comprised of about 10 small groups and the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) of Baguio.

After the turnover of books, an educational short film was shown to the kids followed by a short lecture on proper hygiene by Elmer Balbalin of EMS. The group also decided to launch the Cordillera Smile Movement in this isolated school with the The project theme “Libro Mo, Inspirasyon Ko” is initiated to develop school children’s love for reading.

Carl C. Taawan

These books came from Kairuz cafe by the Licdan Family. It's about half of the total book donations.
Highschool studenst and teachers in Natubleng posed with the Libro mo, Inspirasyon ko team.
The nursery pupils in Natubleng with their teacher Elizabeth Calabias received some extra nursery books and teaching materials.
The nursery pupils in Natubleng uses cutout wood blocks in the absence of toy blocks to enhance their creativity.
Elementary school students in Madaymen eagerly received the books.
Grade 6 students performed a song for the Libro mo, Inspirasyon ko team after receiving the books donations.
Camilo Lucaben Elementary School were treated with a movie after receiving the book donations.
Elmer Balbalin of the Baguio Emergency Medical Services during the book drive.
Teachers of the Camilo Lucaben Elementary School posed with the Libro mo, Inspirasyon ko team.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Smile Poster

Derived from the smile card, the Cordillera based smile movers went one step further and created the smile poster.

The poster is not intended to be given to establishments and institutions like restaurants, schools and offices.

The poster is given not because the recipient is always smiling but it is given because we want them in that particular establishments or institutions to do their service with a smile. The posters will always remind them to smile.

The poster can be downloaded and printed on the standard A4 photo paper.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Smile Card

Back in September of 2003, smile cards began appearing all around the world.It was a worldwide campaign to keep doing random act of kindness. But the campaign did not seem to reach us here in the Philippines or perhaps it was short lived. Perhaps because there were no avenues like facebook before to keep it spreading across.

Let's continue this campaign locally and let's see how it will affect the way we deal with people. The kindness you showed, no matter how small might be the greatest help that person you helped was praying for. Here was the original idea of the Smile Card.

"They are markers of a newfangled game of tag, where "you're it" because someone has done something nice for you. Then it's your turn to do something nice for someone else and, in the process, pass the card along. This is a game of pay-it-forward: anonymously make someone smile, leave behind a card asking them to keep the ripple going."

We will be uploading card designs that you can print in your local photo printers. You can also order pre-printed cards through our email.

You can give your card not only to the people you did a favor but most especially to someone who helped you when you are in need or just someone who made you feel especial.

What we would want to hear is your story on what transpired that prompted you to give a card away. We will soon publish those stories here in our blog.

Here's a sample of the card that circulated back in 2003.

Here's one of our newly designed card that can also be used as a book mark. Feel free to download and print. Exact size is 2 x 5.5.