Saturday, October 20, 2012

Smile Movement Launched in Rural School

A chilling afternoon in an Elementary School in Madaymen, Kibungan became the setting of the local Smile Movement launching by different online and offline leaders in coincide with their “Libro mo, Inspirasyon ko” book drive.

Numbering to 22 leaders from different online and offline groups, they took the “smile oath” in front of the 200 students in Camilo Lucaben Elementary school, the recipient of the book drive. Mrs. Elsie Baniaga, the head teacher in the school, officiated the oath taking.

The different group leaders had been active in outreach activities with the support of good hearted individuals and organizations from the locality and abroad. The smile movement is not an organization but a campaign than can be adopted by everyone. An example is the pay-it-forward smile card that helped spread the popularity of the movement.

The smile card is given when a random act of kindness is done to someone in need. It’s not a thank you card so it’s not the receiver of the good deed who gives the card; instead it’s the one who showed kindness. It’s an encouragement to the receiver of the card to pass on the kindness that he received.

The group left the isolated school more elated in accomplishing more than what they hoped and looking forward for a more outreach activity with better perspective in mind. With the launching of this campaign, they hope to unite more organizations to be able to accomplish more in their next activities and programs.

Mrs. Elsie Baniaga lead the "Libro mo, Inspirasyon ko" team in taking their smile oath.
The "Libro mo, Inspirasyon ko" and the Lucaben Elementary school teachers take a pose after the launching.

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