Monday, October 15, 2012

Smile Card

Back in September of 2003, smile cards began appearing all around the world.It was a worldwide campaign to keep doing random act of kindness. But the campaign did not seem to reach us here in the Philippines or perhaps it was short lived. Perhaps because there were no avenues like facebook before to keep it spreading across.

Let's continue this campaign locally and let's see how it will affect the way we deal with people. The kindness you showed, no matter how small might be the greatest help that person you helped was praying for. Here was the original idea of the Smile Card.

"They are markers of a newfangled game of tag, where "you're it" because someone has done something nice for you. Then it's your turn to do something nice for someone else and, in the process, pass the card along. This is a game of pay-it-forward: anonymously make someone smile, leave behind a card asking them to keep the ripple going."

We will be uploading card designs that you can print in your local photo printers. You can also order pre-printed cards through our email.

You can give your card not only to the people you did a favor but most especially to someone who helped you when you are in need or just someone who made you feel especial.

What we would want to hear is your story on what transpired that prompted you to give a card away. We will soon publish those stories here in our blog.

Here's a sample of the card that circulated back in 2003.

Here's one of our newly designed card that can also be used as a book mark. Feel free to download and print. Exact size is 2 x 5.5.

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