Friday, June 28, 2013

Libro Mo, Inspirasyon Ko donated 100K+ Books to Kiangan and Sadanga Schools

A school kid in Duit, Kiangan, Ifugao smiles as he browses the donated books. 

The "Libro Mo, Inspirasyon ko" book drive visited schools in Kiangan and Sadanga and distributed  100,000.00+ worth of book donations as the start of classes kicked of this month.

The "Libro Mo, Inspirasyon Ko" kicked of last October 2012 initiated by S.M.I.L.E. Movement, Inc. to help build libraries of isolated schools in the Cordilleras.

The movement believed that the K-12 education system will not work unless quality of education are also improved and building libraries in schools who have no access to internet for research is one of the best ways to help improve the education of the children.

Sponsors of the book drive are Congressman Nick Aliping for the transportation, Rex Books Store who donated 58,000 worth of textbooks, Ben and Evelyn Liquete who donated 1 balikbayan box of assorted goods coming all the way from Australia, Marj Casuga who donated 1 set of children's encylopedia, Photojournalist Jj Landingin donated several educational software and 2 computer cpu, Baguio Chronicle editor Sly Quintos brought in several boxes of textbooks and inspirational books, Lorie Ann Damasco who decided to donate the collection of her mother Leonora San Agusting who was dubbed as one of the three witches of Baguio that consist of Readers Digest, inspirational books, National Geographic and other publications dating back to the 1940's.

Although she hates to see her mother's collection leave the house, Damasco said that " it would be better if they are used rather than just lying around gathering dust. The books will be more useful in isolated schools than in the city where research can be done through computers. "

Several good hearted individuals also donated old textbooks, lego toys and flash cards. Online facebook groups frequented by overseas workers NIKadKa, Tambayan Blues and Bebsat tako donated cash allowance for the drive.

Rex Book store's donation along with other elementary books were brought to Duit Elementary School in Kiangan, Ifugao last June 20.  The teachers headed by Geronima Pumihic received the books with teary eyes. The school's principal Thomasa Bumidang was currently on a meeting during the drive.

On June 21, Leonora San Agustin's collections were brought to Central School in Poblacion, Sadanga along with other books with an estimated total of 70,000.00. It was received by Mrs. Bernadette Macanas, the principal of the school. The books will be used by the school and the community for research.

Other individuals joined the cause and donated books, educational softwares and other educational materials like lego toys and flash cards for preschoolers.

From the start of the drive, five schools have received donated books: the new Sinipsip National Highschool Annex in Natubleng, Buguias, Benguet; Camilo Lucaben Elementary School in Madayment, Kibungan; Mappit Elementary School in Kiangan, Ifugao; Haliap National Highschool in Asipulo and Ayangan National Highschool in Lagawe.

The Libro Mo, Inspirasyon Ko book drive will continue to bring books to isolated schools requesting books.  

The movement is accepting donations; books, old but still usable computers, educational software, lego blocks and bookshelves. Donations can be dropped at Kikan Bar and Resto (former Ayuyang) at Baden Powell Inn and Kairuz cafe in Km. 6, La Trinidad. The group can be contacted through, phone numbers are 09269722222 and 09199933911.

School kids happily browses the books in Duit Elementary School.

School kids in Sadanga Central Elementary School browses books under the shade of the movement's service.
The two pupils of Duit Elementary School are fascinated with the small story books.

A school teacher in Sadanga Central Elementary School began teaching school kids with the newly donated books.

First time to see illustrated English literatures, the smiley faces of these kids in Sadanga shows their  appreciation of the donated books.

Photos and story by Carl C. Taawan

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